How did you discover ANNA QUAN, and what were your first impressions of the label?

My earliest memories of seeing Anna Quan designs would have been the white shirt with extended cuffs with the navy trim and matching initials. That shirt was a viral success. It was captured in streetstyle around the world and perfectly timed in that personalisation moment where everything had to have your initials on it.


How would you describe Anna’s signature aesthetic, and what elements of the label are you personally drawn to?

If I was to curate a 5 piece Anna Quan wardrobe is would be a knit dress, blazer, trou­sers, white shirt and an elegant maxi dress. Anna Quan is a mix of tailoring in sets and separates, effortless knitwear and elegant event dressing.


Talk to a memorable conversation or moment that you have shared with Anna.

Anna and I have had many great conversations over the years, but what has always stood out to me about Anna is how hard working she is with an incredible attention to detail. She is someone you can absolutely rely on to get things done to a very high standard, which is why I think her brand is so successful. With her detail-oriented approach to design and fit and how she runs her business I’m not at all surprised by her success and have loved watching the brand grow and thrive over the years.


The UNDONE offers a unique online shopping destination, defined by premium, effortless wardrobe essentials. How does ANNA QUAN complement The UNDONE’S curated offering.

We’ve stocked Anna Quan from our first year, and it’s been a core brand for us and our offering. We love the wearability of the brand and it’s something I know customers come back for season after season because they know they’ll wear her pieces on repeat.


From a Buyer’s perspective, what are the label’s defining pieces?

We’ve had great success over the years with the knitwear dresses and separates. They’re effortless pieces that make women feel great and are so comfortable to wear.


What do you find empowering about the label?

Anna Quan is a brand made for women with a lot of thought behind the design. They make women feel comfortable and when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing you can get on with your day and be the most confident version of yourself.


How do you believe that the label has evolved during the last 10 years, and what do you admire most about this evolution?

Creating a viral product like the original monogram shirts is impressive on its own but moving forward and evolving through this and carving out multiple facets of what the brand does well, like knitwear or tailoring or beautiful event dresses, that needs to be recognised and celebrated!


This indepth discussion continues the celebration of ANNA QUAN's milestone 10 year anniversary, along with the release of never before seen content, an unveiling of our logo rebrand, and an updated take on the label's most iconic shirt, the White Anne Shirt.

Sara wears our Ana Dress in Silence from Resort 2023.

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