A homage to the working person.

Working 9-5, 5-9. It’s the daily grind.

Work to live or live to work?

With good intentions we start off polished and put together.

Then… life gets busy, life gets complicated.

Good intentions then turn dishevelled and messy.

The buttoned up jacket, the perfectly turned collar. Things will turn ajar.

Things will turn jagged.


The whirr of the rushing train and city hustle bustle.

We are a sea of sardines in a tin carriage.

Our morning commute standing shoulder pad to shoulder pad. Softly bumping against each other.

Sneakers and slides then get swapped for impractical shoes as the office approaches.


ANNA QUAN's Resort 24 collection 'THREE' takes inspiration from the city life and artist Pawel Jaszczuk’s concept of the Japanese Salaryman, speaking to the story of the white-collar worker.

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