Explore with creators Natalie & Dylana Suarez, as they share their style experiences from their very own neighbourhood.







 Favourite coffee shop


Natalie: I love L'Appartement 4f in Brooklyn Heights. This French bakery is such a gem in the neighborhood.
They would surprise me with bread deliveries when they were getting their start and I fell in love.
The new cafe is elegant, homey, and has super chic, minimalistic French decor.
I just love that smell of butter! A coffee and croissant with a walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
is my dream slow morning.











Best Vintage in Brooklyn


Natalie: What Goes Around Comes Around.
I always discover something absolutely amazing there. It's also just an incredible place to visit and grab some inspiration from the world's best designers. So many amazing colours and textures.
This is a boutique that reminds me why I love the art of fashion and its history.








No matter the mood, NYC - Brooklyn offers everything...




Feel the rhythm

Dylana: Recently I discovered Public Records in Brooklyn and it’s amazing for dancing!

Gives me Berlin vibes with that Brooklyn twist. But seriously the best dance parties are the ones we have at home when all our friends come over and we put on the Indie Sleaze dance playlist. Haha.






Best Restaurant in town

Dylana: I have so many favorites, but I love Indian food, and especially a tikka masala, which I can cook but that I also love to grab out at our favorite Indian spot Mint Heights in Brooklyn Heights.

Depends on what mood I’m in.










Late Night Spot


Dyalana: For a late night out dinner, I love Miss Ada for Mediterranean in Forte Greene, or late night udon at Samurai Mama in Williamsburg, or for Japanese and a vibe then it’s Rule of Thirds in Greenpoint. 


Natalie: I love the Blueberry Pancake at L'Avenue at Saks. It's just the right amount of sweet and in such a gorgeous, elegant space. It's the perfect place to get dressed up and go out.