How did you become acquainted with Anna and the label, and what are your recollections of the first photographic collaboration?

I started working with Anna end of 2019 and stylist Emma Kalfus recommended me for the shoot. I was obsessed with the tailoring and Anna was so fun to work with. Oh and the catering is always the best :)


What were your first impressions of the label? How would you describe Anna’s signature aesthetic, and what elements of the label are you personally drawn to?

I was blown away with how beautiful the clothes were made and the modern tailoring and shapes. I love her choice of colour even though i only wear black lol and the way the clothes all work well together . I always love how the shoot is styled and can be worn casually and then dressed up.


The label’s timeless campaigns are often anchored by clean, luminous-looking skin – has this complexion-focussed beauty directive become synonymous with ANNA QUAN? Describe how you collaborate with Anna from a beauty perspective.


I always like to get a feel of the lighting and mood for the shoot before we go into makeup. Anna and I love glowing natural skin and an element of something either on the eye or lip. But its always about the skin. I feel like she appreciates all the skin work i do before makeup and we are always talking new skin tools and products.

I feel that the skin and makeup we have created is the Anna Quan woman , beautiful natural complexion and hints of warm caramel, taupes and brown tones around the eyes and or lips.


 ANNA QUAN’S campaigns showcase immense diversity form a talent perspective. How does this casting directive inspire the makeup looks you create?

Annas casting is always on point. She pushes boundaries and i love how it challenges me to create a natural glowing modern woman on all skin colours and skin types.


How have the label’s campaign shoots evolved during the last 10 years, and are there any consistent elements that you believe define the overarching ANNA QUAN mood across all campaigns?

From day 1 shoot 1, I always said that "this shoot is my favourite" and at every campaign i say the same thing.”this shoot is my fav lol” i can’t honestly say which campaign i love the most they keep evolving and the team gets stronger and the models more exciting to work with. The clothes are more desirable and you can pick an Anna Quan campaign anywhere.


Talk to a memorable on-set moment that you have had with Anna.

My fav moment on set with Anna is the time i did some face cupping on her and how much fun we had playing with all my tools. I love how she goes out and buys everything I tell her LOL.


This discussion continues the celebration of ANNA QUAN's milestone 10 year anniversary, along with the release of never before seen content, an unveiling of our logo rebrand, and an updated take on the label's most iconic shirt, the White Anne Shirt.

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